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Why Choose Central States Safety for CDL Training?

Central States Safety has been in business since 2014, and during this time, we have helped people successfully obtain their CDLs. What makes us successful is that we take pride in our training and push people to succeed.  We focus on putting safe drivers on the road, and that’s why we train largely through on-hands training & real-world driving. What better way to learn how to handle difficult driving situations than to be in the middle of it all with a professional trainer!  

Our State approved CDL Instructors and Examiners currently hold a CDL, and all have had over-the-road driving experience (some with 30+ years in the industry) in hauling livestock, commercial goods, hazardous materials, and flatbed loads.  We use our knowledge and experience to help guide new drivers in the quickest, safest, and most efficient way.  There is such a need for good truck drivers.  We will train you so you are ready to apply to companies with confidence. 

We are a privately owned school, and we are not the most expensive.  We provide one of the lowest costing private paid CDL Training Programs in the U.S.  The national average ranges from $3,000 to $10,000 (https://www.smart-trucking.com/pay-for-truck-driving-school/).  Some colleges offer a lower rate; however, it will take you longer and could have longer wait times to get into the class (https://schneiderjobs.com/blog/how-much-does-it-cost-to-get-cdl ).  In the trucking industry, time is money!  We have several ELDT program options you can choose from to tailor your CDL training.  Our goal is your success!  We will also beat any competitor’s pricing!  

Central States Safety takes pride in providing excellent training with experienced Trainers at an affordable price!


Dennis Holtz – President

Dennis Holtz is a certified Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles Commercial Driver License (CDL) training instructor. With over 40 years of truck driving experience, including 15 plus years over the road. Mr. Holtz was hired by a local University to start a Professional Truck Driver Training school. During his tenure as Transportation Training Manager, he built a successful professional truck driver training program from the ground up. He has received certification from Community Transportation Association of America as an instructor for Passenger Service and Safety (PASS) training and development training that he used to train all public transportation drivers in the State of Nebraska. Mr. Holtz also developed a Defensive Driver training class for all the same drivers. Dennis Holtz is a State of Nebraska 3rd Party CDL Examiner and conducts CDL testing for clients from across the country.


Amber Southwick – Chief Operations Manager

Amber Southwick is a certified Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles Commercial Driver License (CDL) training instructor. Growing up on a farm, and being with her dad (Dennis Holtz), she has been around trucks most of her life. In 2017, she moved back to Nebraska to help Dennis run the truck driver training school. Amber is also a State of Nebraska 3rd Party CDL Examiner.

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