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CDL Basic Training

Central States Safety & Driver Training is a 3rd Party Tester for the State of Nebraska and can conduct the Vehicle Inspection (VI), Basic Control Skills (BCS), and Road Test (RT) to complete the requirements to get your Nebraska’s Commercial Drivers License, (CDL).

Dennis Holtz, is Central States Safety and Driver Training’s  3rd Party Examiner. Mr. Holtz has over 5 years of 3rd Party Examining experience.

If you do not have a representative vehicle for the class of CDL you are applying for, Central States Safety & Driver Training can provide a Class A Tractor-Trailer to use to take the Vehicle Inspection, Basic Control Skill, and Road Test. Central States Safety & Driver Training has 8 tractors with manual transmission, 8 trailers for testing, as well as a bus for class B testing.

Dennis Holtz can offer convenient CDL test times without the long waits at a DMV office. Nebraska 3rd Party Testing regulations require all 3rd Party Examiners to register anyone taking the CDL license tests at least 2 days prior to the test time. Mr. Holtz will make every effort to conduct the tests as soon as possible after the 2 day waiting period.

  • Central States Safety & Driver Training’s cost for administering the tests if you furnish your own vehicle is $150.
  • The cost for administering the tests and using  Central States Safety & Driver Training vehicle is $240.
  • There is a $50 retest fee if any of the tests are failed.

All tests begin and end at 229 S. Central Avenue, Kearney, NE 68847     VIEW OUR MAP

Tips for a Successful CDL Skills Test

To assist you in successfully passing all of the skills test, obtain a copy of the Nebraska Commercial Drivers License Manual and a copy of the Nebraska Drivers Manual. These are usually available at DMV Offices, or you can view or download a copy at the following

Link to Nebraska Commercial Drivers License Manual:

Link to Nebraska Drivers Manual (car):

To assist you  in successfully passing the Vehicle Inspection test:

A tractor-trailer is divided into 3 sections:

  • Part A: Front of the vehicle and engine compartment
  • Part B: Back of the engine compartment to the back of the tractor
  • Part C: Trailer
    • The state’s computer randomly selects which section a driver will inspect. A driver may be asked to inspect all sections of the vehicle.
    • All drivers will do the “in-cab” inspection which includes the air brake tests. Failure to correctly complete the 3-step air brake test, will cause an automatic failure of the Vehicle Inspection test.
    • If the vehicle is a combination vehicle, all drivers will inspect the coupling system on both the tractor and trailer.

Drivers must point to or touch the items they are inspecting and be very specific in telling the examiner what item they are inspecting and what they are looking for.  Failure to verbally tell the examiner what your are inspecting the item for will result in not receiving credit for that item.

To assist you in successfully passing the Basic Control Skills test:

  • Review Section 12 in the Nebraska Commercial Drivers License Manual
  • All Drivers will do 3 separate skills tests
    • Test 1:  Straight line backing
    • Test 2:  Either off-set left or off-set right
    • Test 3:  Either conventional parallel park, site side parallel park or alley dock

To assist you in successfully passing the Road Test:

  • Review Section 13 of the Nebraska Commercial Drivers License Manual
  • Review the Drivers Manual.  Rules and regulations including signs, lane changes, etc. apply.

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